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The Biogas Taita Project is beeing run by a handful people who work hard for the project from day to day and is supported by at least twice as much who work on a voluntary basis.  Furthermore we trained dozens of masons into Biogas Technicians who, in turn trained additional workers.

We are now in the process of training entrepreneurs, installers and producers for our new iruwa solar water heating system enterprise and also this project has been developed with the support and input and energy of many volunteers.


Fieke Geerts

Project Development Manager

Fieke is a passionate environmentalist focusing on sustainable communities and creating awareness and she worked for big NGO's such as the Australian Conservation Foundation, The Nature Conservation Council of NSW, and as coordinator for a state-wide sustainable living program for ethnic and culturally diverse communities in NSW.

Fieke spent the last two years in Kenya where she was working for the Kenyan Cross and currently in the role of project development role at Biogas Taita, setting up community-led bio-waste centres linking water & sanitation, biogas and waste management waste collection and other innovative applications biogas as part of a more sustainable future environment.

Fieke is an exceptional and creative bridge-builder between various platforms, bringing together people and applied technology, different stakeholders across multiple sectors to develop new innovative programs. Besides her strategic and project management skills, she is also a practical implementer with a 'can do' and an expert in facilitation, mobilizing and engaging communities, behaviour change theory and the actual implementation of a project working directly on the ground.
She is the strategic mind behind our projects, and has developed many partnerships aiming the combine waste management, water & sanitation and energy initiatives, driven by the community.

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