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The Biogas Taita Project is beeing run by a handful people who work hard for the project from day to day and is supported by at least twice as much who work on a voluntary basis.  Furthermore we trained dozens of masons into Biogas Technicians who, in turn trained additional workers.

We are now in the process of training entrepreneurs, installers and producers for our new iruwa solar water heating system enterprise and also this project has been developed with the support and input and energy of many volunteers.


Quirin Walter

Founder & Project Manager

Quirin is the founder of Biogas Taita Project and initiated this project in 2009, when he first arrived in Wundanyi as part of a one-year volunteers program. Quirin however had a mission and instead of leaving, he was determined to introduce, promote and start a biogas construction team in Wundanyi. Since then they have built over 350 plants and he has trained over 70 local artisans to become biogas worksmen or supervisors.

Quirin has an unique capacity to translate technology into something valuable, applicable, accessible and easy to use in the development context. His creative thinking and ability to solve problems no matter the limitations found, and within significant cost / budget restraints is remarkable and has been acknowledged by our partners who like his refreshing way of thinking and solving issues, while addressing the needs of the community or other stakeholders perfectly.

Quirin has also been the brain behind the development of our new Solar Water Heating System, which is 100% locally produced in our workshop in Wundanyi.

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