What We Do

Biogas Taita Project is a social enterprise aiming to reduce our impact on the environment through the introduction of alternative energy and environmentally friendly waste management solutions. We strive to increase accessibility to applied technology for the people in Africa, build capacity and create 'green' employment and local economies.

Biogas Taita does not only offer the ‘hardware’ (the technology) but also understands and addresses the importance of the 'software' (the people), making the projects more successful and meaningful and putting the customer and community at the centre of each project.


Biogas Taita offers a range of sustainable energy products and services including biogas technologies (human, organic and animal waste), solar water heating systems, waste-water solutions, solid waste management solutions, consultancy, project management and community led design, capacity building and training programs.

We work with farmers, schools, institutions, hospitals and hotels and recently started working on integrated waste management, water & sanitation and energy solutions in the form of Bio-Waste Centres and sanitation blocks in partnership with other NGOs, companies and the County Government.empowering the community to take action to create a more healthy living environment, while at the same time creating ‘green’ jobs ensuring project sustainability.


We offer biogas technologies (organic-, human- and animal-waste), waste-water solutions  and solar water heating systems for 


  • Schools & Institutions
  • Orphanages
  • Public Bio-Waste Centres
  • Households and Farmers
  • Restaurants & hotels


We also offer services for biogas, water and sanitation in 


  • Consultancy for holistic, sustainable solutions
  • Project development, implementation and management 
  • Capacity building and training
  • Construction and site management
  • Biogas plant design & technical advice
  • Research, troubleshooting and repair
  • Evaluation and monitoring
  • Solar Installation and Quotation
  • Solid Waste Management Advise