Biogas Taita assists farmers and institutions access financing through partnering with other NGOs and organisations.

Biogas Taita has received subsidy for over 250 biogas plants from KENDBIP and is currently working with MESPT in Coast region to boost the uptake of biogas by offering a subisidy to the farmers.

Table banking/ Group Savings:
Biogas Taita has set up over 10 saving groups in Taita Hills who received their first loan for the biogas digester for free from SOFIs World in Germany.

Joint funding proposals and funraising:
Biogas Taita raises funds for certain projects and assists groups and communities with writing proposals and accessing funds where possible.

SACCOs and Micro finance;
Biogas Taita is working with other organisation in setting up favourable micro-financing solutions for renewable energy technology (solar & biogas).

Note: Biogas Taita does not have any capital and is not able to bring in capital for any project. We are not funded  and have no such resources available.