Food waste is an untapped energy source that mostly ends up rotting in landfills, thereby releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Rising energy prices and increasing environmental pollution makes it more important to harness renewable energy from food wastes. Food waste is difficult to treat or recycle since it contains high levels of sodium salt and moisture, and is mixed with other waste during collection. Major generators of food wastes include hotels and restaurants.


Instead of ‘wasting the waste’, food waste can be turned into valuable cooking fuel providing the hotels and restaurants with free cooking gas (biogas) thereby reducing the costs of cooking significantly. Furthermore, hotels and restaurants have the opportunity to also connect the toilets to a biogas digester, increasing the biogas produced while reducing the costs of human waste disposal.

Biogas creates a smoke-free kitchen creating a more healthy cooking environment for all staff. Cooking on biogas further reduces the cooking time significantly, freeing up staff for other tasks or reducing the kitchen staff labour costs.

A biogas plant has a life-span of over 30 years when maintained correctly and is therefor a very solid and safe future investments. The payback time of the investment is usually between 1,5 - 3years, which can easily be calculated by firewood saved and potentially reduced costs of human waste disposal.


Biogas Taita provides tailored biogas digesters for bars, hotels and restaurants.

The costs for a biogas digester at schools varies greatly depending on the following factors:

  • size of the biogas digester; available waste and gas needed for daily use.
  • type and number of toilets; refurbishment old toilets or building new ones
  • site specifics; location toilets, kitchen etc.


Biogas Taita offers:

  • Site visit, analysis, evaluation and proposal
  • Quotation for biogas plant and other works (including toilets etc. if needed)
  • Complete construction Biogas Plant
  • Quality Control
  • User training for staff
  • After sale service (1 year)

Biogas Taita has built several biogas plants around Voi for hotels/restaurants, which can be visited with Biogas Taita staff upon request.