Public Bio-Waste Centres

Biogas Taita, in partnership with other NGOs, has developed a new concept to bring together water & sanitation, waste management and renewable energy in the form of a community-led Bio-Waste Centre. The first has been built in Machakos Town as part of the Kenya Informal Settlement Improvement Program funded by the World Bank together with the GoK. The Centre is a multifunctional facility which is providing an integrated community-led solution for solid waste management issues, optimising resource recovery thereby raising environmental awareness and addressing behaviour change and perception towards waste. The facility uses biogas technology to produce biogas from human –and organic waste, providing an excellent environmental and safe waste disposal solution while at the same time producing a valuable energy resource which can be used in the community kitchen or be channelled and sold to surrounding houses or hotels. Human waste is collected from the toilets, while organic and kitchen waste is collected from the local market, households and hotels. The fertilizer can be used for growing food (if space allows) or can be sold to farmers or used for urban greening.

Garbage collection group(s) are created to sort, store and sell recyclable waste at the facility while organic waste can be disposed in the biogas digester, increasing the gas production.

The facility includes public toilets and showers, depending on the need of the surrounding community, and a clean water selling point if needed.

An extensive community capacity building program ensures sustainability of the facility including proper management, governance, business skills and maintenance skills.

The centre generates local employment and aims to increase social cohesion, community ownership and collective responsibility for a healthier living environment. The facility aims to raise awareness within the community about solid waste management proper waste disposal, and a reduction of 60-80% waste going to landfill. This multifunctional facility links different services in a way that they leverage of each other, creating synergy between them and a closed loop cycle regarding use of resources.

The centre also provides an excellent platform for other organisation to have an entry point to the community and sensitize the community on important issues health, hygiene, social and human rights, environmental conservation and other related and relevant issues.

The centres also include our Solar Water Heating Systems to provide hot water for showering.