Farmers and Households

Biogas Taita Project is a community project and has been running successfully since 2011, and is well recognized by the Kenya National Domestic Biogas Programme (KENDBIP). Initially, the community project was mostly focusing on the introduction of biogas as a sustainable solution to general problems people are facing in their everyday lives on domestic level including environmental destruction (mainly deforestation), shortage of cooking fuels, smoke related diseases caused by indoor air pollution, poverty, poor food production and drudgery on women and children.  The project has trained over 70 local craftsmen and has built over 330 plants in Taita region. It can be stated that it has successfully promoted biogas as an alternative fuel for rural households including awareness building campaigns for the community, training and supervision of local craftsmen, research and development of suitable biogas products, evaluation and monitoring of the construction, and farmers training on the usage of the biogas and bio fertilizer. 

The targeted community has achieved widely acceptance of biogas as a reliable alternative cooking fuel by the community and ongoing demand as such.