Biogas Taita offers a range of small and medium scale biogas solutions using human, organic and animal waste.

Biogas Taita Project has built over 350 biogas plants in the last four years and over 2000 people are now enjoying the benefits of biogas. It has created many job opportunities and has boosted the local construction-building sector through its extensive training program.

In the last two years, Biogas Taita has moved towards more medium-scale biogas solutions for schools, prisons, hospitals, County Government projects and is working closely with other partners on an integrated approach to combine water & sanitation, solid waste management and energy solutions, of which the biogas and the solar water heating becomes a part of the solution. Find more information about this initiative here.

The project now works all over Kenya and even Tanzania, to introduce, promote and install domestic and institutional biogas plants and has gained recognition and respect by its thorough and successful approach to implementing biogas and the construction of high quality plants and client service.