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December 3. 2015

Biogas for the Youth Polytechnic in Wundanyi

We have started now excavation for the construction of the biogas plant at Mwagafwa Polytechnic in Wundanyi! The biogas plant is donated by Shupa to provide the school with a long-term sustainable solution to lower costs by replacing expensive firewood with biogas for cooking contributing to a more healthy environment and reduction of deforestation in the area. At the same time, the masonry and other interested students are offered a free training course on biogas including construction, in which they will learn important new skills, increasing their future employment opportunities. They will also learn how they can apply and use alternative energy solutions in their daily lives.

After a 2hr theory class given by biogas technician Carly to the students last week, there was an enthusiastic turnout of students participating at the start of their holidays in the project!

The biogas plant will be a showcase for biogas technology for other schools and also the community.

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