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March 18. 2017

Follow up meeting with Kiandutu slum community

So far, the facility has received quite a number of visitors for not only the toilets, but also many have enjoyed a hot shower heated by our solar water heating systems on the roof. The community members are enjoying the facility, and praised it's cleaniness.

Furthermore, the water kiosk is also doing well, providing many people with clean water at low cost. The biogas is almost full and in the next few weeks we are going to connect the biogas-stove, so the management team can start another generating income activity; cooking chai and snacks on the biogas for selling, and starting collection of other waste that will boost the gas and allows far more cooking hours.
To boost promotion of the services of the facility, a 'promotion' month is planned by the community group for April, and to increase accessibility for children, the price for children will be lowered to only 1 or 2 KSH instead of 5KSH per visit. Other arrangements will be made with the immediate surrounding families to avoid open defecation (monthly small fee for the whole family for unlimited use) etc. We discussed challenges and successes, and have discussed some improvements that can be made, including solution for the intermittent water supply to the facility. Overall, it was a very good meeting and we are looking forward to the next few weeks of development of the services of the facility!





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