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December 2. 2016

Solar Training Kiandutu Slum community

We have given a two day training on solar water heating systems to the community of Kiandutu slum as part of the installation of solar water heating systems at the Bio-Waste Centre. The solar water heating systems will be used to provide hot showers and will be an extra income generating activity for the community group running the centre. Training was provided for everyone interested. Lots of people turned up the first day to learn more about the technology and system and to take up the opportunity to become sales representatives starting their own business, and about 12 people showed up to learn more about installation. We hope to welcome many people from the community to the project and give them the opportunity to generate some additional income and increase their livelihoods. The systems will be permanently installed and piped just before the opening of the Bio-Waste centre in a few weeks time.

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