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November 29. 2016

Training for women in engineering & business

On 29 and 30 November, a training was held for a combination of Women in Sustainable Energy and Engineering, Women in Business, and some University of Nairobi Staff at he School for Built Environment, University of Nairobi.

The two-day training was supported by the University of Nairobi and mostly women from all sorts of background (mostly energy related) were attending the training to learn more about the technology and the system to increase their knowledge and take up solar water heating technology to expand their current business or to start a business in a new area. The participants asked a lot of good questions, and we had many good conversations in the class, from which everyone gained more insight, ideas and knowledge. A very succesful training with wonderful participants! We also had the system on display in the main entrance hall of the University, sparking a lot of questions and curiousity of the students passing by.



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