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November 22. 2016

Watch Maggie's experience with the SWH system

Today we went to visit Maggie, who since a little while has got a Majuamotizer. We asked her about
her experience so far, and how she used the system. She turned out to be very happy with the system
and told us it saves her lots of time, money for charcoal and it gives her extra comfort such as a daily warm shower and washing her cloth with warm/hot water. She furthermore uses the pre-heated water to cook tea and other things, as it takes little time and fuel to boil the the water. Watch Maggie telling her story here!! We have used a new application "Fieldreporter" to film her story, the application is still in it's 'beta' form, but we are using and testing it for further improvement. It's a great and easy tool to use (you can check it out:-).

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