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October 28. 2016

IRUWA at Graduation Day Sunrise Academy in Mwatate

The IRUWA team were  invited to introduce the Majuamotizer (Solar Water Heating System) to the teachers, parents and guests at a special graduation day at the Sunrise Academy in Mwatate.

The Sunrise Academy in Mwatate is a private school for Children that go to the kindergarten (KG1, KG2, KG3) and the elementary school (class 1 to 6). On the graduation day the pupils from KG3 celebrate that they finished their last kindergarten year and are going to their first class in the elementary school. The day was filled with a diversified program including dance and singing performances, poems and role plays by the pupils. And speeches from the guests that came from all over the place. The main guest was Christopher Mwambingu from the Mwatate Constituency.


The team informed the attendees about what effects cutting trees and the usage of charcoal and firewood has for the environment and their personal health, and  the Majuamotizer can make a difference to their lives and at the same time reduces deforestion. After all the celelbrations and presentation, the IRUWA representatives showed the interested crowd how the Solar Water Heater works and how it could be of benefit for them. The team was met with enthusiastic responses from both parents, teachers and guests, and we hope we can soon install some more systems in Mwatate!

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