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September 23. 2016

Community meeting Bio-Centre Kiandutu Slum

Together with Slum Dwellers International and Mungaano Kenya, we are working with the community to finish the bio-centre in the Kiandutu Slum. Together with the community, we set priorities and discussed their vision of the building and facilities. After a long process, we worked together on understanding the limitations of the budget and how to invest the available money the best way so it will allow the community to generate the most income. Furthermore, the communtiy is selecting artisans to work with Quirin, and will provide procurement of the materials needed. We will start the construction on Monday, and hope to have finished the building by the end of October. The facility has a biogas digester for human waste from the toilets, solar water heating for hot showers, and a kitchen area.
In the meantime, Fieke will work with SDI on building the capacity of the community leaders and selected members to run the facility as a business, starting with governance, financial literacy, business plan, project plan, savings schemes etc.
The project has two sides to it, the technical ' physical' construction of the facility, and the social construction - meaning building capacity, empowering the community to become independent and build and govern a project together which will benefit their own community and will generate income and employment.

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