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August 24. 2016

Busia; First Field Visit with AMREF Health

Last week, Biogas Taita went to Busia for a field visit to schools in the area to promote and assess the possibility for biogas at the schools. The schools are very enthusiastic about it. The visit was organised by AMREF Health, our fantastic new partners, with whom we will work together on introducing biogas to farmers and schools in Busia County. We are looking at biogas as a solution for safe and cheap human waste disposal, to replace firewood for cooking, and to produce valuable fertilizer to boost the food production in the school’s shamba.

At the same time, the schools will become a role model and a demonstration site for the community, promoting and showcasing the benefits of the use of alternative energy, and how this technology could be applied in their daily lives.

We are not looking solely at biogas but are also assessing the opportunity for installing solar water heating systems, to pre-heat the water for cooking, and for cleaning purposes. Pre-heating the water for cooking will save a significant amount of firewood by itself and therefor is very cost efficient and good for our environment!

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