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October 23. 2015

Biogas for Orphanage in Mwatate

Biogas Taita has donated a biogas to the  orphanage in Mwatate. Because the orphanage does not own the land, Biogas Taita has opted for a new pre-fabricated model that can be put in the ground, but also been removed again later in case the orphanage has to leave the premises. Biogas Taita will use this opportunity to test the system at the same time as new improvements have been made and to see whether this would be a suitable product for other clients.
The construction of the plant was a lot of fun and was done with two of SIMGAS' engineers and a team of Biogas Taita volunteers from Germany. The kids also tried to help wherever they could....:-).

The system will be mostly fed with organic waste from the kitchen and the nearby market, as well as with waste from the nearby slaughterhouse.

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