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June 23. 2015

Biogas Theory Training for Students

Students of Mwagafwa Youth Polytechnic are getting biogas theory classes as part of the biogas construction project at the school. The school has received a biogas digester from its donors from Germany to reduce to the costs of firewood used for cooking and of course, to reduce the impact on the environment by the school and especially, deforestation. The project furthermore serves as a demonstration project for others to come and see and learn, and to raise awareness. Biogas Taita recognises the importance of the youth to be exposed and engaged in alternative energy solutions (especially at a Polytechnic School) for their own future and therefor has developed a short curriculum for the students to learn more about biogas, applied technologies and our environment.

Biogas Taita also sets up a Biogas Club at the schools, to increase engagement and ownership within the school by the students, to provide an extra curricular activity and increase the student's skills and knowledge.
The Biogas Club's activities include (but not limited to) monitoring the gas, feeding the biogas plant, collecting organic waste and teachning others about the plant.

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