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August 23. 2016

Partnership Slum Dwellers International (SDI)

Great to be working with Slum Dwellers International on community-led sanitation and biogas facilities in the informal settlements ‘Kiandutu’ in Kiambu County, Thika.

Today we joined SDI in a community session aimed at empowering the community to take action and increase citizen participation so they can start to direct their own future, are better informed and raise their voices.

The project started with mapping the slum, giving each structure a physical address and creating a map. By doing so, people can refer to where they live, are existing and documented, and become true ‘residents’, raising their confidence and giving them identity. They also do a lot of advocacy and relocate slum dwellers, avoid evictions etc., while creating initiatives to improve their living area, and build local capacity and skills.

As part of improving the services in the area, and to build capacity, we have come in, to support and help them with the build and creation of a ‘bio-waste centre’, The community will run the facility which will generate income and as such jobs for community members, while providing sanitation, among other things.

As there are no toilet facilities, open defecation rate is very high in the settlement.
To avoid open defecation in the night and evening, we are now also looking at the option of building dry toilets in the near future that are scattered around closer to the homes for night-usage, of which the tank can be emptied in the biogas. The bio-waste centre will unfortunately be closed in the evening/nights because of security and safety reasons.

We are very happy to be partnering with the great team of SDI and Mungaano in Nairobi and look forward to work on many more great projects together.

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